A Modern Mediterranean Restaurant With A Twist

Meze Avec Moi?

We combine the Greek word “Meze” (“tapas”) with the French words “Avec moi” ( “with me”). More than just a clever play of words, our menu combines classic Mediterranean cuisine with North America’s most popular fusions.


Mediterranean Cuisine With Style For Lovers of Music

At Meze Avec Moi, we understand that an exceptional dining experience is incomplete without outstanding live music. Like our menu that combines flavours from around the world,our program does the same with Greek music.

Live Greek Music Montreal

On occasion, our proud owner Panagiota, looks forward to performing her favourite Greek songs for all our guests.

Anticipate performers to showcase the most influential Greek songs in any genre you can possibly think of. Traditional nights, Jazz nights, Rock nights, Latin nights and even Reggae nights will be part of her fused Greek music program.

Enjoy our tasty tapas and delightful music in a welcoming atmosphere that will make you want to return for more.


Not your average Greek restaurant. Our talented chef has combined Greek cuisine with many international flavours. The most popular Greek dishes will fuse French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, and even Asian cuisine.

Great Ambience

We designed our Fusion restaurant to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our design is inspired by the Mediterranean’s natural beauty, using light colours, stone, and wood for a bright and airy feel. 


In addition to our fused musical program, we will also stay true to the many traditional genres of Greek music. Those who like to keep it real can enjoy performances of Rebetika, Entehna, Traditional, Nisiotika, and Laika.


We aim to provide our customers with the most memorable moments. Let us stimulate your senses with delicious food, beautiful music and a beautiful ambience.

Enjoy our incredible fusions!

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